Chromium picolinate, was originally developed by the USDA. Currently the patent on Chromax is owned by Nutrition 21. Chromax is one of the top selling supplements in the world and has a large amount of research backing up its claims.

Chromax’s ability to help reduce cholesterol and increase weight loss has made Chromax a popular ingredient in several weight loss and health supplements. What makes Chromax unique from other chromium supplements is the picolinate that is added to the chromium. Picolinate is an acid that has the ability to increase the bioavailability of chromium. This allows the body to be able to take up more chromium for use.

What is the Function of Chromium In the Body

One of the most important role’s of chromium in the body has to do with the process of fats and carbohydrates. What chromium does is initiate a reaction from insulin which tells the cells in the liver, muscle, and fat tissue to take up glucose from the blood. Because of the role chromium plays with insulin some researchers believe that Chromium may be able to prevent and treat diabetes.

Along with treating diabetes some researchers believe that Chromium has the ability to help with obesity, by decreasing appetite and cravings for fats, and by increasing lean muscle mass.

Possible Benefits of Chromax

Increases Lean Muscle Increases Weight Loss
Regulates Glucose Decreases Body Weight

Side Effects of Chromax

Side Effects of Chromax may include gastrointestinal irritation or upset stomach. Side effects for most oral medications have this side effect and to reduce this problem taking the supplement with a snack can reduce this. There have been reports that Chromax can trigger mutations in DNA, but a study done by the Committee on Mutagenicity published findings stating Chromax as not being mutagenic in vitro and that studies done on mammals with chromium picolinate are negative.

One should avoid Chromax if they have in allergies to Chromium or picolinate. It is also always best to talk with a doctor before using a dietary supplement when already on other medications. People with renal problems should also be careful and consult with a doctor before using any type of supplement.

Is Chromax Safe?

Several reports of late have come out claiming that Chromax is not safe. These reports have come from a study claiming that Chromax causes cell mutations that can lead to tumors. Recent research has shown this study to be false. As mentioned earlier the Committee of Mutagenicity did their own study to determine the effects of Chromax. This study was done to determine if sales of Chromax should be banned in Europe. Findings indicated no signs of damage to the DNA of cells and the warning of using Chromax was lifted in Europe.

As with all supplements, Chromax should only be taken in the amounts recommended on the bottle to avoid any serious side effects.

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